Holy Thursday Meditation

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Rev. Dean Snyder

It seems clear that Jesus’ disciples misunderstood right
through his entire life … right through his crucifixion Friday. Like the crowds
who cheered him on Palm Sunday, they thought Jesus’ mission was to over throw the
Roman oppressors and the religious collaborators who ran the temple.

In the beginning of Luke chapter 22, the religious leaders
were already looking for a way to get Jesus arrested and executed, but Jesus
was too popular to be taken publically. They were afraid that if he were
arrested in public there would be a riot.

So they bribed Jesus’ disciple Judas to let them know when
and where he would be away from the crowds so he could be arrested secretly and

The disciples were apparently all set for a fight. They were
carrying swords. Later in Luke when Jesus is arrested they pull out their swords.
The disciples are so bad at sword figh [...]