Sunday, December 11, 2016

A homily preached by Rev. Ginger E. Gaines-Cirelli at Foundry UMC, December 11, 2016, the third Sunday of Advent.

Texts: Isaiah 35:1-10, Matthew 11:2-11


How much of your life do you spend feeling disappointed?  If I’m being honest, I will tell you that disappointment has been my close companion all my life.  During this season, it is perhaps especially easy to be disappointed.  Maybe we have a vision of how things will go this year…and, so often, things just don’t turn out like we envisioned.  And this is true not only of the season, but of life in general; anyone who’s lived a while knows that human life is always more and less than we hoped for.  It’s the “less” that we tend to get stuck in. 

Today we encounter John the Baptist again.  We see him not out in the wilderness being his dreadlocked, camel-hair-wearing, locust-eating, charismatic, fire and brimstone self, but rather ten chapters ahead where he’s landed in p [...]