Pack Light

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Rev. Dean Snyder

Luke 12:13-21

Our own Theresa Thames is in the process of having her
ordination in the American Baptist Church become a United Methodist ordination
and officially becoming an elder in the United Methodist Church.  Next Sunday Theresa will preach the sermon
that will be reviewed by the Baltimore Washington Conference Board of Ordained
Ministry as they prepare to receive her as a United Methodist pastor. Please be
here to support her as the sermon is videoed.

So we asked Theresa to take the lead in planning the entire
August teaching series.

She chose for this Sunday when I was scheduled to be the
preacher, a text about a person who had decided he had enough to live on the
rest of his life and that he didn’t need to work anymore and could just spent
the rest of his life, eating, drinking and being merry. We might say it is a
st [...]