Why I Believe Hell will be Empty: A sermon on Christian Universalism

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Rev. Dean Snyder

Psalm 139:1-12

Just a word about the trial of Pastor Frank Schaefer: I hope you
have seen the excellent statement our leaders have written about the trial. Our
office sent it out in an email blast this week and it is on our website. I also
sent out a pastoral letter.  We are in a
phase of the struggle for full inclusion right now which will include a number
of trials of pastors who perform same-sex weddings and pastors who are openly
gay.  At least four more trials are in
the pipeline.  There will probably be

As public opinion changes in our society and pews and people
increasingly come to see that anti-LGBTQ attitudes are based on a prejudice, I
believe this is one last desperate attempt to repress change in the United
Methodist Church.

Foundry church, yo [...]