There's a place for you here

 A doorkeeper in the house of my God

"There's a place for you here," Donald Ward told a distressed stranger who appeared at Foundry's doors one Sunday morning.

Donald could see fear in the man's eyes, so Donald took him to Fellowship Hall. There, Donald talked with the man, shared words of acceptance, told him of the love of Jesus, and assured "there's a place for you here," both at Foundry and in the kingdom of God. The fear in his eyes turned to calm and then to peace.

Over the years, Donald has connected with thousands of people who have passed through Foundry's doors. He is a greeter at the 11 a.m. service who welcomes first-time visitors and long-time members with a hearty, "Good morning, and God bless you."

He knows receiving love and attention from another person is one way that God says to us, "I see you."  Foundry members, Donald says, embody that love in their kindness and friendship to others all the time. Warm words can comfort on a cold day. A smile can dispel worries as you enter worship.

Donald feels inspired by God to welcome friends and strangers at the church's door. It is a way he can use his talents to serve Christ. Every person who passes that doorway, Donald says, should know he or she is a child of God and is welcome in God's house. Donald makes it a point, when he is greeting, to "let the joy come forth."

He says we all have a role to play in the body of Christ. As a greeter and as someone who loves reading the Bible, Donald thinks often of Psalm 84:10, which says, "I had rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God, than to dwell in the tents of wickedness." Donald connects with so many people because somebody at Foundry reached out to him. Donald arrived in the D.C. area more than 42 years ago, to serve as the first African-American congressional page from Virginia. He has stayed in the District ever since, and now works for the Architect of the Capitol. Donald first came to Foundry because another member, Chuck Hilty, invited him here.

No talent or service is too big or too little for God, Donald says, because those offerings are a way of returning to God part of the original gift he gave us. God can change lives even through seemingly small things: a smile, an invitation to worship, an act of service. 

Donald knows the more we stretch to connect, the more God can do through us. It is one reason he generously supports Foundry financially, and the reason why he greets so many people, week after week, at the doors of the church.

We ask that you, too, will commit to supporting Foundry financially in the year to come. 

The Stewardship Ministry Team

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