Three Ways to Resist


Three Ways to Resist

Participate in a one-on-one meeting with members of the Sacred Resistance team. From now through August we want to meet with as many people as possible to build relationships and connect the Foundry Family. In these gatherings, we hope to identify passions and explore 3 ways you can faithfully engage in Sacred Resistance.

1. Witness: Be present, show up. 
This might be a rally, a lobby day, candidate forum, or protests. When we are called to action it is to stand with marginalized neighbors demanding change. We need people to show up in large numbers, so that civic and corporate leaders have reason to listen and act.

2. Listener: Build bridges in the community.
Listen to and walk with the marginalized, develop relationships with allies, and research the issues.

3. Organizer: Work with the Sacred Resistance planning team or be a liaison with community partners.
You can help plan or lead education events for Foundry, build relationship and relay information from community partners, or go deeper and learn historically proven methods of community organizing to keep Foundry on the move.

Email to connect.