Uniting Over Sandwiches

Good Morning!Kathy Carr

My name is Kathy Carr, and I am a member of the Sandwich 1000 Mission here at Foundry.  

For those of you who aren’t familiar with our mission, we meet twice a month to make 1000 bologna and cheese sandwiches, which are used at Foundry’s ID mission and at Martha’s Table and McKenna’s Wagon for distribution to those in need in Washington.  The Sandwich 1000 mission evolved from Foundry’s oldest mission group, the Community Mission, which was founded in 1979 and began making sandwiches for the homeless in 1982, starting out with 250 sandwiches a month, and growing over the years to our current production of 1000 sandwiches twice a month -  24,000 sandwiches a year.

I personally joined the mission in the year 2000, with my two young children, as a way to work together as a family in community service.   My children are now grown and away at school, but sometimes still make sandwiches when they are back in Washington for a visit.   After joining the group, I began picking up the sandwich bread first from the Safeway bakery who donated bread, and later from Shoppers Food Warehouse.  After many years of bread pickup, I became the mission leader, which I am today. 

I am so impressed and humbled by how many people find time in their busy lives to work with our mission to give back to the community.  Our sandwich makers over the years have included youth group members, singles, couples, families with children, friends and co-workers of group members, parents of group members visiting from out of town, long time Foundry members, new arrivals at Foundry, and new arrivals in Washington (some in their first week in town).  We have folks who are retired, who have part-time jobs, who have full-time jobs, and who have super full time jobs. 

We have been joined by groups from the State Department, Wesley Theological Seminary, Johns Hopkins business school, and next month, our newest guest group from Washington Improv Theater (who will challenge other groups on Facebook to do similar community service).

I can honestly say that in working with this Foundry mission, I get much more than I give.   The rewards include being part of a community of really wonderful people working on a common task with a common purpose, knowing that you are providing food for those who need it, and the bonus of listening to the choir practice as we make our sandwiches!  

As we work together in our sandwich mission, we are Foundry.  We practice Foundry hospitality as we serve the community.  We are Foundry in our relationships with each other in the mission, and we show what it means to be Foundry to the friends and family who come to help us make sandwiches, to our partners, to our suppliers, and to those who receive the sandwiches.

What I like the most about Foundry is the clear message I hear in every benediction to go out of the doors and make the world a better place, and to be Foundry in the world.   We are truly Foundry as we work together to love and serve and feed our neighbors.

Thank you Foundry.



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