We Wanted to Serve Together

We've been inspired by the engaging message

Like many, we first came to Foundry because it was close to home. Four years later, we’ve stayed at Foundry because it’s become our home. As a couple, we were raised in distinctly different Christian traditions—Catholic and Baptist. After moving from Florida to D.C. and getting married, we wanted to find a new, common ground together as Christians. Foundry has provided far more than just that. We met people who’ve become our best friends here, and we’ve been inspired by the engaging message and ministry of the church. Becoming members two years ago made us feel truly a part of the church, but—hearing Foundry’s message each week—we wanted something more; we wanted to serve together.

When Foundry’s Friday I.D. Mission expanded this year to include Saturdays, we found our answer. For most of us, losing a driver’s license or birth certificate is an inconvenience; for the poor or homeless, it creates a truly daunting challenge. If you’ve lost all forms of personal identification—whether by fire, theft, or incarceration—starting from scratch means waiting weeks or months to secure first a social security card, then a birth certificate, and finally an I.D. That’s why nonprofits across the metro area send clients to us for guidance, encouragement, and the funds needed for what could mean the difference between employment and living on the street.

Just as we started with I.D. Mission, we also joined Foundry’s Ending Homelessness Advocacy Team to help D.C.’s poorest at an institutional level. We’ve taken part in campaigns and in-person meetings with District officials to make affordable housing a reality for struggling families and individuals. Combining our efforts with others in the city, we accomplished our first mission: This year’s D.C. budget allotted millions of extra dollars to ending homelessness.

Through these efforts and the people we serve alongside, we have found an even stronger sense of home at Foundry, but more importantly, we’ve found a way to live out Foundry’s call to change the world through loving God and one another. When we help someone get an I.D., we help them find dignity, employment, and hope. We help change the world for them. When we help secure city funds to end homelessness, we help change the world for thousands of our neighbors. All the while, we’ve done this as a couple—an experience that has drawn us closer together and strengthened our faith. It’s changed our world.

As Foundry’s stewardship campaign season begins, we invite you to think beyond the dollars and cents that you can give to this church; think about what you can give of yourself through this church. In this city especially, it’s easy to accept the idea that change for the better is rarely achieved; however, Foundry is not a community that accepts this notion. The chance for you to change someone’s world is right here. Why not take it?


Patrick & Amaris Bradley


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