What Foundry means for our family

Why pledging, for us, is an act of faith and thankfulness


Pastor Ginger asked last week what difference it would make if Foundry disappeared tomorrow. That got us thinking... what difference would it make? It would definitely leave some big holes behind.


If Foundry disappeared, it would leave a hole in my life. Over the years, Foundry has meant a lot to me. I feel that Foundry is a place that is warm and welcoming, no matter who you are. It has been a place where I can get involved in the community and feel that I am helping those in need. For example, my mom and I participated in helping the food bank during Great Day of Service. My entire family enjoys helping downstairs in Books to Prisoners to send books to those imprisoned who would otherwise not have them. Foundry helps me make a difference in people-in-need's lives, and Foundry makes a difference in mine.


If Foundry disappeared, another big hole would be left in our family. We can't count the number of times a sermon has been so moving it made us cry, or has changed the way we look at life for the better. And the promises that are made to babies as they are being baptized, that this church will provide a nursery, and Sunday school, and Christmas pageants, and a confirmation class where you can ask challenging questions -- we're right in the middle of seeing those promises lived out -- and Maya and Benjamin are looking forward to the cookies when they go to college.


If Foundry disappeared, another hole would be left in our world. Whether it is relief for Haiti, or books to prisoners, or summer programs for low-income children, Foundry is living out Jesus' commandment to love thy neighbor, which is why our family makes a pledge every year. Foundry can't disappear. It is making a difference in too many lives for us to let that happen.

Which is why we're asking ALL members of Foundry to turn in a pledge, no matter what size. And for those who are hesitant to make a pledge, especially if you have never made one before, I want to share with you that a pledge is an intention, not an unalterable commitment. Our family has pledged every year for the last eight years. But one year, we had a job change that lowered our income unexpectedly. A few months after this change, we looked at our budget and realized we couldn't keep making the same monthly offering to Foundry that we had pledged. I called Al and said we needed to adjust our pledge and he said no problem, that's fine. No guilt trip, no argument, just understanding. So, I wanted to share that in case something that holds people back from pledging is the notion that no matter how your own personal circumstances may change, your pledge is set in stone. Pledging is an act of faith, and for me, an act of thankfulness that Foundry won't disappear tomorrow.

Please make your pledge by Friday, Nov.21st, so that we can celebrate everyone's commitments on Commitment Sunday which is Nov. 23rd.

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