Who We Are

Foundry is a historic, progressive United Methodist Church that welcomes all, worships passionately, challenges the status quo, and seeks to transform the world through God's love. Drawing upon long-established rituals and spiritualities, Foundry is innovative and pioneering in our efforts to be a place of positive change within Christianity, within our denomination, within ourselves and in the world.

Our Mission

Foundry's mission is based on its statement of call to deepen faith through transcendent worship and challenging study, to create engaged community through inclusiveness and caring, and to transform the world through active service and prophetic leadership.

Our Developmental Vision:

To be an intentional covenant community that:

  • helps people of all ages connect with God & each other
  • calls, equips, sends, and supports spiritual leaders to serve the church and world
  • practices radical hospitality & inclusion
  • builds partnerships in mission locally & globally to create beloved community (communities of economic, racial, and social justice)

Our Core Belief

Based on Foundry's key scripture from Mark 12: 28-31

Love the Lord your God with your passion, prayer, intelligence and energy, AND love others as you love yourself.

Our Worship Objective

Foundry's objective in worship is to be welcoming to all; to provide spiritual guidance, acceptance, inspiration and support to all; and to offer uplifting, intelligent and transcendent potential in worship.

Our Outreach Strategy:

  • To welcome ALL regardless of race, color , national origin, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, age, economic status, and physical or mental condition.
  • To reach the de-churched (offering nontraditional worship at untraditional times)
  • To reach the spiritually hungry, regardless of background
  • To carry on mission-focused ministries to serve our neighborhood and the global community
  • To reach Methodists and non-Methodists new to the DC area
  • To help our own members and regular attendees grow in their faith and involvement at Foundry