Current Sermon Series


Life Essentials: The physical and spiritual are intertwined. God is at work in our lives through basic activities that keep us alive and healthy. During the Lenten season we will consider the spiritual dimensions of basic human physical activities.


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Holy Week

Palm Sunday
April 13 – Life Essentials: Move
Isaiah 40:28-31 Acts 17:24-28
Moving – physical exercise—is important for physical health but it is also an expression of spirituality.


Meditation & Communion Service
Wednesday, April 16
8:15 AM
A 15 minutes service to help you on your Lenten Journey


Maundy Thursday/Adoration of the Cross
April 17
Foot Washing Ritual at 6 PM
Communion and Adoration of the Cross at 7 PM


Good Friday Services
April 18
Worship Services at 12 PM & 7 PM


Holy Saturday
April 19
Easter Egg Hunt in Stead Park at 11:00 AM


Easter Sunday
April 20 – Life Essentials: Laugh
Genesis 21:1-8; Luke 6:17-23
Easter is the punch line of a great joke ... the ending we did not foresee or expect. The punch line frees and liberates us.



Lenten Learning & Fellowship Opportunities

All offerings are open to everyone and you can register
on the Foundry website or at the Main Office.


Being “In Mission”: 6-Week Study and Discussion
Wednesdays at 7:00PM in Room 203
February 5 – March 26 (2 additional sessions now added)
Facilitator: Kirk VanGilder
Each time we share in Holy Communion, we are told to be “one in ministry to all the world.” A sign language interpreter will be present. 

Lenten Faith Run: Couch to 5K Training Program
Training Schedule began week of March 2 - click here for training schedule
Facilitator: Jill Barker
Running a 5K is an excellent goal for new runners! This Lent, join us for our Lenten Faith Run.  This will be a time to connect mind, body, spirit and community.   The training includes a running coach, weekly group runs and weekly scriptures.   

40 Day Love Dare for Parents: Virtual Small Group
Challenge began Wednesday March 5
Conference Calls at 8PM on Sundays March 16, March 30 and April 13
Join Pastor T as she leads a virtual small group for parents! The Love Dare for Parents challenges parents to understand, practice, and communicate life-changing Christ-like love to their children. All parents are invited to join the discussions via Conference Call to share about your journey.  

Sundays at 12:30PM
March 9 (Hike), March 23 (Bike) and April 6 (Walk)
Join Pastor Dawn in connecting body and spirit in The Great Outdoors!  The group will meet on Sundays following worship so pack a lunch, your water bottle and get ready to move.  

Meditation for Everyone: 6-Week Study & Practice
Tuesdays at 7:00PM
Beginning March 11
Facilitator: Jackie Wright Martin (
Meditation is an ancient and powerful tool that can be an integral part of the spiritual path. This 6 week course will introduce you to what meditation is (and what it isn't), explore the different types of meditation, and help you to develop a regular practice. Please contact Jackie with any questions. 

2014 Leaders Day Bible Study
Saturday, March 15 at 8:30AM
Cost: $20 (Registration & Lunch)
We are excited to welcome Union Theological Seminary professor, Dr. Hal Taussig. We will work between the two poles of finding meaning in the Bible for our time and thinking about what the biblical texts were for the times when they were first written and read. Save the date! 

Living Faith: 5-Week Study of the Christian Disciplines
Tuesdays at 7:00PM
Beginning March 18
Facilitator: Gwen Williamson
There is great interest today in moving beyond studying and knowing about God to experiencing God in everyday ordinary life.  Practicing the spiritual disciplines draw us closer to God and leads to a life of living faith.  Join us as we explore the Christian disciplines and seek ways to have a living faith this Lenten season.   

Women Daring Greatly: 5-Week Small Group
Wednesday at 7:00PM in Room 203
Beginning March 19 
Facilitator: Amy Van Arsdale, PhD (
In today’s culture, we are bombarded with messages of insufficiency. Women are especially vulnerable when it comes to feeling that we are never enough. Now more than ever, women need to come together to support each other in daring to challenge these messages and to say, “We are enough, just as we are!” 

“Just Breathe” Gentle Yoga: 2-Weeks
Wednesdays from 6:45 – 7:30PM (45min sessions)
Beginning April 2 in the Parlor
Facilitator: Candice Autry
Often we forget to slow down and breathe.  Join Candice for 2-weeks of gentle Kundalini yoga which focuses on the power of breathing.  Candice was first introduced to yoga and meditation as a swimmer. After exploring the various styles of yoga, her recognition of the power and healing properties of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation inspired her to seek certification.   

Life's Essentials: Fueling Your Body Healthfully
Sunday, April 13 at 9:30AM - Room 203
Facilitator: Amaris Bradley, MPH
Registered Dietitian Amaris Bradley, MPH, will walk you through the essential elements of a balanced diet, share resources for fueling your body well, and offer an interactive Q&A to discuss any burning nutrition questions you may have!