Current Sermon Series

Under Construction

As we move into our third century as Foundry Church, major changes to our church building will get underway in order to more faithfully be in ministry with and for others. But it is not only our building that is “Under Construction.” Our personal lives of faith, our own discipleship, and the life of the Foundry family itself is always growing, changing—being “remodeled” by life and by the Holy Spirit. This year we endeavor to explore the tensions between “being” and “becoming,” stability and growth, boundaries and inclusion, and more. Our faith affirms that God loves us just as we are—AND loves enough to keep encouraging us to grow into the fullness of who God calls us to be. Join us for this journey as we all try to become a bit more human and as we seek to build true covenant community together.


Open House

We are an Easter people! To live in this space of grace, hope, and newness is the goal—and it is this life-giving journey that we share with others. Our Foundry “house” is open to all. How can we make sure we are not unwittingly creating obstacles to making room for those who respond to our invitation? How can we open our hearts, our minds, our doors to help others connect with God and in meaningful community? Where do we as individuals struggle to let others in? How can we practice the kind of hospitality we have received from God? Click here for a flyer to give to friends.

April 03 – John 20:19-31 “Who’s Locked Out?”
April 10 – Luke 24:13-35 “Welcoming the Strange”
April 17 – Isaiah 55:1-3a, 10-13; Luke 14:16-24 “God’s Hospitality”
April 24 – Confirmation Sunday: Deuteronomy 26:1-11 “Not All Who Wander Are Lost”

May 01 – Youth Sunday: Acts 16:9-15, John 14:23-27
May 08 – Romans 12:2-5, 9-18 “What Frames Hospitality?”
May 15 – Pentecost (Rev. Mark Schaefer, American University Chaplain preaching)
May 22 – Romans 5:1-5, Revelation 22:1-7, 12-13, 16-17, 20-21 “Access”
May 29 – Pulpit Exchange with Asbury UMC